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What is so unique with the Epic Tours? We combine the visit of all the major cultural and exotic destinations in the Peloponnese with the encounter of natural gems, by following divine trails into mythical mountains and forests, climbing up mountains with trains, rafting down the river where Zeus used to bath, swimming in Nymph inhabited lakes as well as in the best beaches around this mythical region, while tasting the local food products and cuisine in carefully selected taverns and wineries, making it an ultimate gastronomic feast!

Tracing the Steps of Hercules in the Peloponnese

10 days

All Inclusive!

From 1.979€

7 days

All Inclusive!

From 1.515€

5 days

All Inclusive!

From 1.018€

Pick An Olive!

9 days

All Inclusive!

From 1.865€

6 days

All Inclusive!

From 1.280€

A Circular Tour Around the Peloponnese

10 days

All Inclusive!

From 1.979€

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With a wonderful combination of an unbeatable natural and built environment, myths, legends and history and with six unique UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Peloponnese is a popular destination where the visitor can combine ideal relaxation and recreation with an exciting encounter with its historical past.

Ancient Corinth








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