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Most popular experiences

Tracing the Steps of Hercules

10 days 
                 1.896 €

Have you ever thought of going on an adventure like the one of Hercules? If you are a history and nature explorer, join us on this mythical…

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Saronic island hopping + Peloponnese

6 days 
                1.188 €

Set sail through the Saronic gulf exploring 4 heaven-sent islands and spice up your vacations with some of the very best highlights of…

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A Circular tour around the Peloponnese

10 days 
                1.947 €

Some people can’t stay away from the sea for too long! Join us on this tour around the coastal Peloponnese and dive into…

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Idyllic Aegean

7 day Cruise
                   749 €

Mykonos and Santorini or Crete? Well, all of them! This cruise, will take you all inclusive until Turkey’s shores, hopping the most idylic…

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Discovering the Saronic gulf

3 days 
                   624 €

Do you have a bit of a sailor inside you?? Cruise the Saronic gulf, fish your meal and dry your feet before visiting some of…

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Pick An Olive 

6 days 
                1.280 €

Known since antiquity, the most beloved tree of Greece, integral symbol of Peace, Victory, Honour and Unity will accompany our…

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Why travel with us?

Epic Tours

Our tours, all perfectly balanced , harmoniously blend nature, history and culture with gastronomy  and soft adventure. Guaranteed that you will travel away from the beaten path!

Responsible travel

We ensure that tourism will not negatively affect the local communities in regards to the environmental, societal and cultural aspects. On positive side, the locals will benefit from your travel.

Dictum Factum

Am’EposAm’ergon Ancient Greek expression – a proverb meaning “along with speech comes the action and passed to the Romans as “dictum factum”. Our company’s name, deriving from the above phrase, inspires our commitment to offering high-quality tourist services in a responsible, honest and trustworthy way.

Be an Explorer

You got a wanderer’s heart and state of mind? Unable to settle somewhere for too long?Most of our tours address to active travellers who seek to escape, to explore, to get inspired. Seeking for stories worth sharing once back home.

Expert team

Our team, consisting of local experts, will take care of all the important details before and during you are travelling with us. Simply choose the tour for you and we will do the rest!

What are you planning to visit NEXT?

With a wonderful combination of an unbeatable natural and built environment, myths, legends and history and with six unique UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Peloponnese is a popular destination where the visitor can combine ideal relaxation and recreation with an exciting encounter with its historical past.

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