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Taking the National Road from the Isthmus to the south by the sea of the Saronic Gulf and after an hour’s journey into a pine-covered area, we reach Old Epidavros, one of the most picturesque seaside villages in Greece.

Ten kilometers west you will find the archaeological site and the famous Epidaurus theater in a truly evocative environment.

Peloponnese Epidaurus Epos Travel Tours

According to mythology, Asklipios was born here, and his worship began there for the first time in the 6th century BC. Its strategic position, but mainly its Asclepieion, contributed to the unprecedented development of the city.

The Asclepieion of Epidaurus became the most famous of all in ancient Greece, due to the many and serious cases of people who were cured here. In this, they used to come ill people not only from all over Greece, but also from the Mediterranean basin, begging the mercy of the gods.

The area was very large and had many hostels, a gym, a stage and the famous for its acoustic theater for the entertainment of the people. Of great importance in the treatment of patients seems to have had the wonderful natural environment of the area.

In 340 BC, the ancient architect Polyclitus the Younger built, according to Pausanias, the theater of Epidavros, which is the most beautiful and best preserved. Designed for entertaining patients, it has a capacity of 13,000 spectators.
Peloponnese Epidaurus Epos Travel Tours

Peloponnese Ancient Epidaurus Epos Travel Tours

At Epidaurus, two National Assemblies took place during the Greek Revolution. The first in 1821, when the independence of the Greek nation was proclaimed and the second in 1826.

During the summer there are excellent theatrical performances, most of which refer to ancient tragedies or comedies. For visitors to the area during the summer (July-August) this experience should not be lost.

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