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The Alepotrypa cave is an archaeological site in the Mani region of the Peloponnese peninsula. In addition to being inhabited by early farmers, this site was used for burial and cult purposes. Archaeological evidence has revealed that this is one of the largest Neolithic burial sites ever found in Europe. Two adult human skeletons were found at the site from a burial dating to the 4th century BC, as well as remains from at least 170 separate persons. Archaeologists are uncertain about the significance of a Mycenaen ossuary, which has been dated to the 2nd millennium BC and appears to have been reburied at Alepotrypa. While there is no direct evidence, it is possible that the ossuary may link Alepotrypa to Tainaron, which was regarded as the entrance to Hades in classical mythology.
Destinations Peloponnese Diros Caves Epos Travel Tours

Destinations Peloponnese Diros Caves Epos Travel Tours

The Alepotrypa cave (Greek: Αλεπότρυπα, literally meaning ‘The Fox’s Hole’. A very common word to describe a cave where a fox lives), is one of the caves of Diros located in the Mani region of the Peloponnese peninsula.The Mani peninsula is mostly made up of Mesozoic carbonate rocks like limestone, which erode as a result of hydrogeological conditions on the peninsula and form karst caves like Alepotrypa. Study of the caves stalagmites has provided information about human activities in the cave and climate variations. By studying variations of trace elements, Meighan Boyd was able to find evidence of certain human activities in the cave, such as burning animal dung. She was also able to confirm and date several periods of drought.
Destinations Peloponnese Diros Caves Epos Travel Tours

In addition to being one of the earliest known inhabited sites in the southern Laconia region of the Peloponnese,the Alepotrypa cave is also one of the largest Neolithic burial sites in Europe.Burials in the cave date from between 6,000 and 3200 bc, and archaeologists have found bones belonging to at least 170 different persons. Two adult human skeletons were found at the site, dating to the 4th millennium BC, along with a Mycenaen ossuary that archaeologists believe dates to the 2nd millennium BC.

Destinations Peloponnese Diros Caves Epos Travel Tours

Mythological tradition says there was an entrance to the underworld domain of the Greek god of death Hades at the nearby site of Tainaron, and archaeologists working on the excavation believe it is possible that the cultural memory of the burial site at Alepotrypa had become associated with Tainaron by the classical period. Archaeologists have speculated that a later Mycenaean ossuary dating from 1300 BC may have been carried to the site for reburial during the late Bronze Age.

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