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The beautiful and historic Dimitsana is amphitheatrically built at an altitude ranging from 960 – to 1,080m, on the ruins of Ancient Tefthis above the gorge of Lousios River. It is a traditional settlement with towering stone-built houses, traditional architecture, and narrow cobbled streets. History, myths, local folk tradition, bridges and waterfalls, Byzantine and ecclesiastical heirlooms, stone buildings, hotel infrastructure, and architectural specialty make Dimitsana an excellent tourist destination.

Destinations Peloponnese Dimitsana Epos Travel Tours

Destinations Peloponnese Dimitsana Epos Travel Tours

During the Ottoman domination, Dimitsana played an important role with the “hidden school” and in 1821 with the “Dimitsanitiko barouti” – that it the gun powder which was made in Dimitsana’s Powder Mills. It is the homeland of the Ethnarchy Patriarch Gregory E’, whose statue dominates the central square of the village and of the Metropolite Pallaion Patron Germanos. Both residences are preserved.

In the Museum of Dimitsana, which is housed in the Library, we can see woven fabrics, looms, folk art and archaeological collections. Just outside of Dimitsana is the Outdoor Hydropower Museum, which aims at highlighting the traditional hydro-electric installations that were formerly widespread in the area.
Destinations Peloponnese Dimitsana Epos Travel Tours

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