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We continue to go south along the imposing volume of Mount Parnon through beautiful villages and beautiful beaches.

These villages have been for many years hardly accessible by land, always having easier access from the sea.

This has had an impact on the architecture of the settlements, which seems to be closer to that of the Aegean islands, rather than to the internal settlements of the Peloponnese.

After 45 minutes drive we reach the isolated bay of Fokianos in one of the best beaches in the country. For many years desolate and untouched, unspoilt, we recently saw two taverns with sunbeds and some European tourists.

The challenge for a dive is great and obviously we will relax for about two hours in the middle of nowhere.

Leaving and taking the newly built road to the village of Kyparissi we will stop to photograph the beautiful bay from above.

Fokianos bay Kyparissi Peloponnese Epos Travel Tours

Fokianos bay Kyparissi Peloponnese Epos Travel Tours

In twenty minutes we arrive at Kyparissi, τhe Most Beautiful Villages of Greece, the favorite destination of George H. Bush, Prince Charles and may have been the last place Princess Diana visited before her ill-fated trip to Paris. Getting to Kyparissi was a formidable task to anyone who did not have access to a high-powered yacht with a helicopter until recently.

Since last year a newly built road joins the village with Fokianos bay and Leonidion.

Fokianos bay Kyparissi Peloponnese Epos Travel Tours

Fokianos bay Kyparissi Peloponnese Epos Travel Tours

Kyparissi was an ancient sanctuary of Asclepius and used to be known as Kyfanta. At some point in its history the people of this lush valley of olive trees, pine and carob left the coast and moved to a highpoint where the village was hidden from the sea and the pirates who raided the coast. This did not help them when some very determined  pirates climbed the mountain and slaughtered most of the villagers and threw their bodies in a well. Many of the survivors went to Sfakia, Crete which was one of the few unconquerable places left in Greece. The people who inhabit the region now are the descendants of those who stayed and the Mavromichalis clan.

A new big challenge for an afternoon dive before a walk in the village, our dinner and our overnight stay.

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