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The famous oak forest of Foloi is a reference point for the forest richness of Greece. This native forest, a spiny form with its vast, broad-leaved oak trees, is unique not only to beauty but also to peculiarity throughout Europe. This forest is located in Oropei of Foloi, at the southern foothills of the Erymanthus Mountains at an altitude of 600-630 meters, covering an area of ​​42,000 acres and is only 25 kilometers from the cradle of Olympism, Ancient Olympia. It was named after the mythology and the King of the Centaurs Folos, a friend of Hercules.
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Throughout the plateau dominates the oak (oak). It is one of the rarest forests, unique in the Balkans.
This is where the Pinios River originates and the canyon is formed around Androni, which is characterized as a habitat of great historical and ecological value. It is said that here Hercules threw a net to catch Erythmanthian Boar. Walking in the canyon as well as in the forest brings to life the myths about the Centaurs.

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