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Koroni, amphitheatrically built on a hill on the top of which is the famous castle of Koroni, with picturesque alleys, two-storey neoclassical houses with beautiful balconies, is surrounded by many beautiful sandy beaches and coves, easily accessible after magical routes in the olive-tree landscape.

Koroni and the surrounding area have been declared a flagship Mediterranean diet community.

Destinations Peloponnese Koroni Epos Travel ToursDestinations Peloponnese Koroni Epos Travel Tours

The cape Acritas which is formed on the western edge of the Messenian bay where the Messenian peninsula ends, is one of the southernmost points of the European mainland. Opposite to cape Akritas lies the islet of Venetiko. In ancient times the islet was called Thiganoussa, today it is part of the environmental network Natura 2000, together with the rest islands of Messinian Oinousses and the region of cape Akritas.

The holiday village and the  endless beach of Foinikounda on the way to Methoni, as well as the road north to Petalidi, unfolds beaches and beautiful places with food fountains and beautiful views.

Map of Koroni

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