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Destinations Peloponnese Leonidion Epos Travel Tours

Continuing south the rocky narrow eastern coast of the Peloponnese, next to Myrtoo sea (Pelagos) and passing by small picturesque bays where we will stop for photographs or for a quick dip in the crystal clear waters, we will reach the heavenly beach of Tserfos for swimming and food.

We continue to cross Tyros and Sabatiki, two picturesque villages before we reach Leonidio, the capital of Tsakonia. A characteristic feature of Leonidio is the imposing red rock that stands above the traditional settlement. Its population is of Tsakonian origin and belongs to the region of Tsakonia where they speak a dialect, which is considered as the oldest spoken in the world. The Tsakonians are descendants of the Lakonians who adopted the Dorian culture. A traditional feast that takes place during the summer months is the eggplant feast.

Destinations Peloponnese Leonidion Epos Travel Tours

Destinations Peloponnese Leonidion Epos Travel Tours

The Meli-Jazz events include dance songs from dance groups from all over the world, as well as the eggplant contest, that is the award of the best eggplant dish cooked by chefs from Greece and abroad.Easter is celebrated in Leonidio in a special way. The residents build the so-called balloons and fly them on the night of the Resurrection offering a special sight to the visitors.Also on the big and steep cliffs of Leonidio there is a climbing park that gathers a large number of climbers all year round.Also on a steep slope of the mount Parnon, 15 km from Leonidio, there is the women’s monastery of Elona built in  the 14th century.Plaka, a nearby small picturesque village, is the port of Leonidio.

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