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Mega Spilaion Monastery Epos Travel Tours

The monastery is located ten kilometers northeast of Kalavrita and is built at the opening of a large natural cave of the Helmos mountain range, above the steep ravine of the Vouraikos river at an altitude of 899 meters.

The Monastery, which is considered the oldest in Greece, was built in 362 AD. by the brothers Simeon and Theodore from Thessaloniki. While the two brothers were in Jerusalem, they each had a vision with the command to go to Achaia and find the Holy Virgin icon made of mastic and candle, crafted by Luke the Evangelist.

Thus, the Holy miraculous icon of the “Virgin Mary of the Megalospeliotissa”, which is the work of the Evangelist Loukas (one of the three that he has created and is still preserved), stands among the sacred heirlooms of the Monastery.

Mega Spilaion Monastery Epos Travel Tours