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Ancient Nemea

Map Destinations / Peloponnese / Ancient Nemea ~ The temple of Zeus was built with limestone around 330 BC. on the ruins of an earlier archaic temple. Its foundation is about 44.5 meters [...]

Ancient Olympia

Map Destinations / Peloponnese / Ancient Olympia ~ Olympia was the most glorious sanctuary of ancient Greece dedicated to Zeus. It was the venue for the Olympic Games of the most important celebration [...]

Ancient Tiryns

Map Destinations / Peloponnese / Ancient Tiryns ~ On the edge of the Argolic gulf, Tiryns is located between Nafplio and Argos. Archaeological excavations in the area took place in 1884-1885 by Henry [...]


Map Destinations / Peloponnese / Andritsaina After about twenty minutes drive we arrive at Andritsainna, a traditional historic village built amphitheatrically on the slopes of Lykaion at an altitude of about 750 meters. It [...]

Areopolis – Limeni

Map Destinations / Peloponnese / Areopolis - Limeni ~ Areopolis is a town on the Mani Peninsula. The word Areopoli means "city of Ares", the ancient Greek god of war. The Greek War of Independence was started at Areopoli on March 17, 1821 [...]


Map Destinations / Peloponnese / Argos ~ Argos is considered to be the most ancient city on Continental Europe due to the existence of many archaeological monuments dating back to the Late Bronze [...]


Map Destinations / Peloponnese / Astros About half an hour after Lerna we arrive at Astros and Paralio Astros with the endless beach. Here, the Second National Assembly (1823) was formed to vote for [...]

Cape Sounion

Map Destinations / Attica/ Cape Sounion Destinations Attica Cape Sounion Epos Travel & Tours Cape Sounion is the promontory at the southernmost tip of the Attic peninsula, 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) south of the town of Lavrio (ancient Thoricus), and 70 [...]