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The Peloponnese occupies the southern tip of Mainland Greece, from which it is divided by the Isthmus of Corinth. But it was always considered as an island, the island of Pelops or the Peloponnese. Peloponnese is a very popular destination, due to it’s close distance to Athens and it’s wonderful combination of an unbeatable natural and built environment, myths, legends and history which attract many visitors all year round. A region with wonderful coastal villages and towns, astonishing beaches, mythical mountains and forests, Nymph inhabited lakes and rivers, Peloponnese is a must visit destination where the visitor can combine ideal relaxation and recreation with an exciting encounter with its historical past.
Our small group – private tours and excursions in the Peloponnese are fully customized to accommodate your specific needs and requirements, enabling you to enjoy and connect you to the soul of the country.

Here you will find information, photos and itineraries about all the Must see attractions, such as Olympia, Epidaurus, Mycenae, Monemvasia and Nafplio. Other highlights of the Peloponnese include Gythion, Pylos, Elafonisos, Mani and many other exciting points of interest that will make the most of your holidays in Greece.

The Peloponnese can cover many of the quests of today’s demanding visitor whether travelling solo, with friends or family.
So, if you plan to visit Greece, this is your travel guide of the best things to see and do in the Peloponnese.

Discover with us hidden treasures in the natural beauties of the Peloponnese, following divine trails and Epic routes.

Welcome to the Peloponnese!

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Epic culture tours greece

Culture Tours in the Peloponnese

Explore a wide range of Culture tours in the Peloponnese! We travel the Peloponnese through the discovery of major destinations and the innovative design of corresponding routes, which Epos Travel and Tours proudly provides at your disposal. All of our tours are uniquely designed by us and focus on specific themes which touch upon both famous as well as lesser known – yet equally breathtaking– characteristics of the Peloponnese.

Classical Tours Greece Epos Travel Tours

Classical Tours in the Peloponnese

Explore some of the most important sights of the ancient Greece in the legendary Peloponnese! During these tours you will visit famous archaeological sites and museums, experiencing on you own what once was the glorious classical Greece. Exciting destinations of the Peloponnese such as Olympia, Mycenae, Epidaurus, Ancient Corinth among others will travel you back in time.

Hiking,Trekking Tours in Greece Peloponnese Epos Travel Tours

Hiking / Trekking Tours in the Peloponnese

Discovering the unspoiled side of Greece by mounteneering, hiking and trekking is an experience of a lifetime.
With almost 80 percent of its area covered in hills and mountains, Greece is a hiking and trekking paradise. The country offers scenic trails that allow you to discover and explore the land from another perspective.

wine tours greece epos travel tours

Wine Tours in the Peloponnese

Travelling through the wine roads of Peloponnese you will discover the magic of the most historic vineyard. Crossing landscapes of great natural beauty, the selected routes of Peloponnese wine roads bring you closer to one of the oldest vineyards globally, so that you get to know the world of wine at a great number of renowned wineries.

tailor made tours greece epos travel

Tailor Made Tour packages in the Peloponnese

With Greece being such a diverse country with so many fascinating aspects to explore, from its immortal cultural sites to unbeatable natural landscapes and built environment, you may find yourself wanting to get creative and customize your own, personalized tour.
Our experienced team will  help you fill in the gaps and work together, in order to create your personalised private tour for your family, your friends, or your partners, in the Peloponnese!