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Peloponnese Travel Guide

The Peloponnese occupies the southern tip of Mainland Greece, from which it is divided by the Isthmus of Corinth. But it was always considered as an island, the island of Pelops or the Peloponnese. Peloponnese is a very popular destination, due to it’s close distance to Athens and it’s wonderful combination of an unbeatable natural and built environment, myths, legends and history which attract many visitors all year round. A region with wonderful coastal villages and towns, astonishing beaches, mythical mountains and forests, Nymph inhabited lakes and rivers, Peloponnese is a must visit destination where the visitor can combine ideal relaxation and recreation with an exciting encounter with its historical past.

Here you will find information, photos and itineraries about all the Must see attractions, such as Olympia, Epidaurus, Mycenae, Monemvasia and Nafplio. Other highlights of the Peloponnese include Gythion, Pylos, Elafonisos, Mani and many other exciting points of interest that will make the most of your holidays in Greece.

The Peloponnese can cover many of the quests of today’s demanding visitor whether travelling solo, with friends or family.
So, if you plan to visit Greece, this is your travel guide of the best things to see and do in the Peloponnese.

Discover with us hidden treasures in the natural beauties of the Peloponnese, following divine trails and Epic routes.

Welcome to the Peloponnese!


Map Destinations / Peloponnese / Andritsaina After about twenty minutes drive we arrive at Andritsainna, a traditional historic village built amphitheatrically on the slopes of Lykaion at an [...]


Map Destinations / Peloponnese / Argos ~ Argos is considered to be the most ancient city on Continental Europe due to the existence of many archaeological monuments [...]


Map Destinations / Peloponnese / Astros About half an hour after Lerna we arrive at Astros and Paralio Astros with the endless beach. Here, the Second National Assembly [...]

Cape Tainaron

Map Destinations / Peloponnese / Cape Tainaron ~ Cape Tainaron also named as Cape Matapan  is situated at the end of the Mani Peninsula and it is considered to be [...]

Cave of Diros

Map Destinations / Peloponnese / Cave of Diros ~ The Alepotrypa cave is an archaeological site in the Mani region of the Peloponnese peninsula. In addition to being inhabited by early farmers, [...]


Map Destinations / Peloponnese / Dimitsana ~ The beautiful and historic Dimitsana is amphitheatrically built at an altitude ranging from 960 - to 1,080m, on the ruins [...]


Map Destinations / Peloponnese / Feneos ~ Going a little higher between the mountains of Oligyrtos and Kyllini we reach the beautiful plateau of Feneos with the [...]


Map Destinations / Peloponnese / Gerakas ~ Our morning departure for Monemvasia will stop for a coffee in Gerakas (Ierax) a small beautiful seaside village of Peloponnese, [...]


Map Destinations / Peloponnese / Gytheion ~ Gytheion is a town in Laconia. It was the seaport of Sparta some 40 kilometres north. Gytheion used to be [...]


Map Destinations / Peloponnese / Kaiafas Among the most beautiful landscapes on the western coastline of the Peloponnese, both in terms of beauty and ecological importance. We walk [...]


Map Destinations / Peloponnese / Kalamata ~ Kalamata is an important economic center of the Peloponnese. The region's economy is based on agricultural production, with the production [...]


Map Destinations / Peloponnese / Kalavryta ~ On the way to Kalavrita, along the Aroaneia (Helmos) mountains, we will take a short stop at the sources of [...]


Map Destinations / Peloponnese / Karytaina ~ Karytaina is a traditional village built on the top of a hill around the medieval castle. It is located in the [...]


Map Destinations / Peloponnese / Koroni ~ Koroni, amphitheatrically built on a hill on the top of which is the famous castle of Koroni, with picturesque alleys, [...]