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South Greece Wine Roads

Olive oil and wine are traditional agricultural activities of the South Greece, while the properties of these products have been mythological since the ancient years. As the philosopher Theophrastus states in his work “About Plants History”, the local wine of Irea in Arcadia when drunk by men makes them excited while when drunk by women it makes them pregnant (according to Theofrastus).

Peloponnese is the land where vineyards have been abundant since antiquity and that’s why in mythology it was the realm of Dionysus, the God of wine. So, it is only natural that vine cultivation and wine making from excellent quality grape varieties flourished throughout the region.

Travelling through the wine roads of Peloponnese you will discover the magic of the most historic vineyard. Crossing landscapes of great natural beauty, the selected routes of Peloponnese wine roads bring you closer to one of the oldest vineyards globally, so that you get to know the world of wine at a great number of renowned wineries.

Discover great wine-tourism destinations, explore authentic Greek terroirs brimming with the colors and aromas of nature, taste exceptional locally-produced wines, sample Greek gastronomy and wander around traditional villages and alluring sights.

Plan your trip along the wine roads of South Greece and get ready for extraordinary experiences.

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The South Greece Wine Roads

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Explore exceptional locally-produced wines, sample Greek gastronomy and wander around around traditional villages and alluring sights….