The famous geodetic triangulation of ancient Greece is another wonderful mystery of the ancient Greeks, as the location of their temples and sanctuaries forms imaginary geometric formations that defy logical interpretations and well-laid frames of writing.

Why the ancient Greeks built their places of worship in such a way as to create equilateral and isosceles triangles on the map or to verify complex mathematical relations remains a great mystery, with the questions that arise being many and varied: what was the use of this sacred site but and how did they calculate the huge distances (especially when the sea was inserted between them)?

And of course two isosceles triangles may have stolen all the glory, raising conspiracy theories about energy magnetic fields and much more, but triangulation seems to have been a generalized practice in Greek life.

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The Iscosceles triangles of Greece

The isosceles triangle created by the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio, the Temple of Aphaia Athena in Aegina and the Temple of Hephaestus in Thissio of Athens but also the second that passes from the Temple of Apollo to Delphi, the Parthenon and the Temple of Aphaia in Aegina have often been the target of modern science, as the divine rule that seems to exist in this unexpected symmetry continues to give researchers a headache.  Even more interestingly, all 4 temples were built within a few years of each other, adding to the theory their positioning formed part of a grander design.

What are the Sacred Triangles? What is their importance?

Both Aristotle and Strabo admit that the establishment of the sanctuaries was not accidental but followed an internal regulation with its own occult methodology, although both appear reluctant to reveal the details of this divine analogy.

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The numbers were for the ancient Greeks (and especially for the Pythagoreans) metaphysical entities with divine grace, that are bearers of truth that could determine the mortal fate of humans. From these mystical experiments with numbers, geometry emerged, the divine design of the world, which became the driving force of Greek mathematics.

Numbers, geometry and astronomy were therefore employed to bring the discussion to the ontology and to reveal Creation itself, as the divine design was symmetrical and harmonious, perhaps a circle or a triangle.

It is therefore possible that the point of contact of these sciences was imprinted on the land of the ancient Greeks both symbolically and materially, turning the Greek map into a model (or reflection) of the sky and its own immortal secrets.

Altarpieces, shrines, oracles, temples, and even entire cities seem to obey this internal regulation of perfect geometric relations or mathematical formulas, echoing all the celestial harmony of the spheres and the laws of the universe.