Tripolis built at an altitude of 650m. on the verdant plateau of Mantineia under the imposing mountain of Mainalon, is a geographical and administrative center of the Peloponnese. It is a city of significant historical and cultural heritage since it was a remarkable administrative and military center during the Ottoman domination and played a prominent role in the revolution of 1821, since its liberation from the first year of the revolution attributed a symbolic momentum to it.

The city is famous for its beautiful parks and its suburban groves with picturesque country churches and lush vegetation. Its central location next to the planted mountain complex of Mainalon and its many natural beauties, combined with its cool climate in the summer, are the main reasons that Tripoli attracts a number of holidaymakers. Even more,, the distance from Athens is now small (160 km) and the city is easily accessive via the new Athens-Tripolis-Kalamata highway.

In the outskirts of Tripoli there are many picturesque villages, as well as important antiquities (ancient Tegea, Mantineia, Orchomenos), which are offered for short excursions in a calm and beautiful natural environment. It is also worth visiting the monasteries of Agios Nikolaos of Varson, Epano Chrepas in Mainalo and Panagia of Gorgoepikoos, near Nestani village.

The city is also surrounded by many vineyards that produce the famous wine moschophilero that can be tasted at selected taverns in the city or at the visiting wineries of the region.