Headquartered in Tripolis, the geographical and historical center of the Peloponnese, our company, staffed by enthusiastic people with years of experience in travel and hospitality, is dedicated to offering high-quality tourist services in a responsible, honest and trustworthy way.

Established in 2017, we at Epos Travel & Tours have made a big effort to promote Greece and the Peloponnese as an exciting tourist destination. Since opening our doors, we’ve succeeded in creating and providing some of the top Greek travel experiences in the country. Our primary focus is to show our guests what Greece is really like – absolutely stunning, rich with history and hidden treasures all over it’s diversified geomorphology.

We do so by filling the gaps in the tourist packages offered so far or by improving them, knowing better the place where we will be active. As we are locals we have excellent knowledge of the area, getting you to places of great inspiration that only a local tour operator knows and can get you with uncompromising quality and originality.

All of our tours are uniquely designed by us and focus on specific themes which touch upon both famous as well as lesser known – yet equally breathtaking– characteristics of Greece. 

We’re all exceptionally friendly: don’t hesitate to tell us what you’re interested in seeing or doing while in our beautiful country. We aim to give you the time of your life here in Greece…one that you’re sure to remember.

So we are addressing those who are not only interested in the mainstream tourism, but also those who want to discover with us hidden treasures in the natural beauties of the Greece, following divine trails and epic routes.

We look forward to welcoming you to the amazing prospects that our land offers through the discovery of major destinations and the innovative design of corresponding routes, which Epos Travel and Tours proudly provides at your disposal.

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We truly are at your disposal to hear your thoughts, amendments and comments. We really look forward to meet your expectations.

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