About us

Welcome to Epos Travel & Tours!

Headquartered in Tripolis, the geographical and historical center of the Peloponnese, our company, staffed by enthusiastic young people, aspires to offer high-quality tourist services in a responsible, honest and trustworthy way.

We appreciate that this can be done either by filling the gaps in the tourist packages offered so far or by improving them knowing better the place where we will be active – almost exclusively – its history, mythology, geomorphology and its huge cultural stock.

Of course we will work in the Peloponnese, a region with unrivaled cultural resources and an unparalleled natural environment, an area where it is easy to say that culture meets harmoniously with nature.

It is no coincidence that in such a small part you will find six historical monuments designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Monuments, which you can not meet in any other region of the world.

So we are addressing those who are not only interested in the sun and the sea but who also want to discover with us hidden treasures in the natural beauties of the Peloponnese, following divine trails and epic routes.

We look forward to welcoming you to the amazing prospects that Peloponnese offers through the discovery of major destinations and the innovative design of corresponding routes, which Epos Travel and Tours proudly provides at your disposal.

Epos Travel Tours Office

Why travel with us?

Epic Tours

Our tours, all perfectly balanced , harmoniously blend nature, history and culture with gastronomy  and soft adventure. Guaranteed that you will travel away from the beaten path!

Responsible travel

We ensure that tourism will not negatively affect the local communities in regards to the environmental, societal and cultural aspects. On positive side, the locals will benefit from your travel.

Dictum Factum

Am’EposAm’ergon Ancient Greek expression – a proverb meaning “along with speech comes the action and passed to the Romans as “dictum factum”. Our company’s name, deriving from the above phrase, inspires our commitment to offering high-quality tourist services in a responsible, honest and trustworthy way.

Be an Explorer

You got a wanderer’s heart and state of mind? Unable to settle somewhere for too long?Most of our tours address to active travellers who seek to escape, to explore, to get inspired. Seeking for stories worth sharing once back home.

Expert team

Our team, consisting of local experts, will take care of all the important details before and during you are travelling with us. Simply choose the tour for you and we will do the rest!