When planning our group trips, we try hard to accommodate everyone’s individual ability levels and needs. Each of our trips comes with a physical rating attached. These aren’t comprehensive breakdowns – just handy little guides so you can tell, at a glance, if a trip is right for you. The more stars, the more challenging the trip is. Simple.

Physical ratings

The physical rating gives you an idea of how much physical exertion is required on a particular trip. The majority of our itineraries are designed for people with an average level of fitness, but there are a few specialist tours (like the hiking tours) that require a bit of training beforehand.

1 out of 5 = these trips are a relaxing break. You don’t have to worry about doing anything physically demanding unless you want to.

2 out of 5 = Some easy physical activities included in your trip. No physical preparation is required to make the most of the journey.

3 out of 5 = Moderate physical activities are included and a good level of fitness is required.

4 out of 5 = Be prepared for some serious physical activity. The fitter you are, the more you’ll enjoy it, as most activities will be challenging.

5 out of 5 = Our highest physical rating. You’ll be required to be seriously fit for this trip as difficult activities are included.