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Exploring Ancient Greece with the God of Wine

CYBER SALE - Up to 20% OFF 2021 trips* on now! Book now > CYBER SALE - Up to 20% OFF 2021 trips* on now! Book now > Angela Dansby, "Exploring Greece with the God of wine" September 8, 2020 Medium: Continental Divine https://continental-divine.com/2020/09/exploring-ancient-greece-with-the-god-of-wine/ In August 2020, my friend Florence and I braved traveling during COVID-19 to escape the red [...]

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Battle of Thermopylae – King Leonidas and the 300

The Battle of Thermopylae  was fought between an alliance of Greek city-states, led by King Leonidas of Sparta, and the Persian empire of Xerxes I over the course of three days, during the second Persian invasion of Greece. It took place in August or September 480 BC, at the narrow coastal pass of Thermopylae ("The Hot Gates").

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How did Athens take its name – The dispute of two mighty gods

As one of the most powerful cities of Ancient Greece, Athens has many fascinating myths and stories. Athens, the glorious city of Classical Greece was named after the Goddess Athena. But what is the myth behind this name givng?

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The Sacred Triangles of Ancient Greece

The famous geodetic triangulation of ancient Greece is another wonderful mystery of the ancient Greeks, as the location of their temples and sanctuaries forms imaginary geometric formations that defy logical interpretations and well-laid frames of writing. Why the ancient Greeks built their places of worship in such a way as to create equilateral and isosceles triangles on the map or to verify complex [...]

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Destinations / Saronic Gulf/ Poros The area that we will see, study and finally enjoy with our trip Saronic Island hopping + Peloponnese is of special importance since it is the focus of Greek mythology, since here happened some of the most important episodes of Greek mythology and history with the most popular heroes of Greek mythology, such as Hercules, Theseus, Perseus, [...]

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Map Destinations / Saronic Gulf/ Hydra If Aegina and Poros have rich mythological-prehistoric elements, Hydra has always had a universal recognition for its decisive contribution to the Greek revolution for independence in 1821. Not that Hydra was not inhabited as old as the other islands. According to archeological findings, the settlement on the island dates back to the very pre-Homeric period, [...]

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Map Destinations / Saronic Gulf/ Aegina  The island of Aegina (also spelled Egina,Egina or Egine) is one of the most popular tourist destinations and one of the easiest island getaways to opt for. Aegina island is located at only  26 km (16.5 nautical miles) south of Athens from the port of Piraeus and it is regularly served by ferries that take [...]

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When i first met Crete!

A true old story (By the travel designer) I first visited Crete in the mid-1970s, starting a new job selling books from house to house. It was a popular job for the university students of the time and sometimes profitable. I formed my own group consisting of some friends who were quite educated, a little bit marginal, equipped more with a musical talent rather [...]

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