Glarokavos beach is magic

It is located on the edge of Greek sea territory and is one of the most acritic islands in Greece. Access is definitely not easy but spending a few days vacation there you will be able to relax from everyday life routine. Apart from that, it also has another feature that makes it stand out. It has no sandy beaches. You will find, however, beautiful pebbles and rocks to dives in the crystal clear waters. And we are talking, of course, about a wonderful Greek island, Kastellorizo. A dream!

Kastellorizo, the acritic corner of Greece

Kastellorizo, a charming island of the Dodecanese that if you haven’t made any plan to visit it, it’s worth putting it on your schedule, even for the autumn period. Besides, the weather is good there even in October. As you set foot on the island, you’ll understand why it has a place in the hearts of those who’ve visited it once.

From the port already, your eyes will be filled with beautiful images and colors. Sun, beautiful colors, hospitable residents, and quietness. These make up the puzzle in Kastellorizo. And it’s all you need to feel free and away from the routine and the city’s mess. It has it all calmness and relaxed rhythms.

The Greek island that has no sandy beaches.

One more thing you’ll have to remember from Kastellorizo is that there are no sandy beaches there. In other words, it is not characterized by its spread gold and sandy shores. However, on this island you will see the most special places for endless swimming. Around the island, there are places with famous rocks where you can enjoy diving. Platforms have also been created from which you can dive into the crystal clear waters of Kastellorizos.

The Greek island that has no sandy beaches.

Plates, Photo Source: Google Maps

The most famous places to take these dives are the Lighthouse, the Kavos, the Plaques, and the Port. And you may find it strange how you’re going to swim without a normal beach, but trust us, you’re going to be thrilled. The only beach you will find on this tiny island is the small sandy beach you will find close to Mandraki port. It is a small beach, with pebbles and sand which is the only one on the island in such style.

Kastellorizo is the choice for alternative holidays that will definitely not disappoint you no matter what type of traveler you are…