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Neda River and Waterfalls


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Destintions Peloponnese Neda Epos Travel & Tours

The river Neda flows from Mount Lyceum, the holy mountain of Peloponnese, flows westwards and after a 32 km route flows into the Ionian Sea. The Neda Canyon is one of the most beautiful routes that every nature lover needs to explore. It is an enchanting landscape, until recently undiscovered.
Along the course of the river there is rich vegetation, we meet waterfalls and in a part of the route the river narrows and is surrounded by steep rocks.
We will visit the most interesting part of the route with the magical waterfalls and the Stomion of the Nymph Eurynonym. We will swim in the pediment of the great waterfall and the more daring will descend by rope until the opening of the narrow Stomion of the Nymph that the river enters.

Destintions Peloponnese Neda Epos Travel & Tours

Destintions Peloponnese Neda Epos Travel & Tours

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